Management Team

Our corporate and project delivery activities are supported by a team of professionals with deep knowledge, broad skills and hundreds of combined years of practical experience and lessons. The team is lead by the following four key individuals.


Kevin Matthews          Founder & CEO

Kevin founded CCI in 1992. With his 20+ years of experience in the renewable energy field he has gained a wealth of knowledge on how to successfully develop solutions to manage organic wastes using AD. His expertise in financing, process design, project management and product development allows him to marshal a project to its completion. Kevin leads the plant delivery teams and he has directed numerous feasibility studies in Canada, the USA and the Caribbean that were centred around waste diversion for renewable bioenergy production.


Kevin is often invited to participate as a member on committees that focus on environmentally related issues. These include the Ontario Deputy Minister of Agriculture Advisory Group for Strategy and Policy Development for Life Sciences and the South Simcoe Advisory Committee on Surface Water Management. He has also been an active member in a number of industry associations, including the Ontario Environmental Industry Association and the Air & Waste Management Association. Prior to founding CCI, Kevin began his career at IBM Canada after he graduated in 1982 from York University in Toronto, Ontario.


Doug Beattie          Manager, Operations

Doug is a key member of the team, since May 2002. Through this experience he has developed a deep understanding of organics processing and biogas production as the Plant Manager at the Toronto Dufferin Facility and now the Disco Road Organics Processing Facility. When combined with his expertise in process manufacturing, he has the proven ability to direct operations toward the most reliable and cost effective approach. He has intimate knowledge and experience with all elements of the BTA® Process from initial design and testing through to stable, reliable, and efficient operations.      


Under Doug's strong leadership skills, his team has increased the processing throughput at the Toronto facility to over 120% of design capacity. He is an active member in industry organizations such as the Composting Council of Canada and he is often invited to speak at conferences. Prior to joining the CCI team Doug spent 25 years in the chemical processing industry where he honed his skills and knowledge in the areas of process design, process improvement, plant refurbishment and commissioning/start up. He was educated at the University of Waterloo in the chemical engineering program.


Keith Grafton           Project Manager  

Keith is the newest member of the CCI team and joined us in May 2013 to assume the plant management responsibilities at the DOPF project in Toronto. Keith will be a great fit and valued asset within in the SEMECS Project with his 35 years of experience in the rendering and biodiesel industries as a senior operations expert. His ability to have quickly learned the BTA® Process combines with his honed skills in operations, construction management, commissioning, training, and cost control. Keith is the Project Manager for CCI and will oversee all daily activities from facility and process design through to start up. 


At the DOPF Keith was responsible for the daily operations and the special project activities that have included the DOPF Expansion Project, the DOPF Phase 2 Expansion planning, and the planning & execution of the Phase 2 Expansion temporary shutdown. Keith executed the program from December 2013 through to August 2014 to align with the City objectives for the DOPF windown and the transfer of proessing to the new Disco Road facility.  



Harry Wiljan          BTAI Founder 

Harry was the Managing Director of BTA International (BTAI) and its preceding companies, from 1983 through 2014. He now provides direct project level support in North American projects. He is a founder and one of the leading forces in the development and continuous improvement of the BTA® Process since its commercialization in the early '80's. He has been involved globally in the design and construction of over 45 plants that utilize the BTA® Process. 

Harry combines his unique technical expertise concerning the pre-treatment and digestion of organic wastes to produce bioenergy with both project and enterprise management skills. He is an active member of the German Biogas Association and is recognized as one of the worlds leading experts in the field of anaerobic digestion. Before founding BTAI, Harry was a 10 year veteran in the mechanical engineering field after he graduated in 1972 from the School of Engineering in Ulm, Germany.