How It Works ?

Solution Nucleus

The nucleus of our bioenergy solution is the BTA® Process. This patented, closed loop technology integrates sophisticated wet pre-treatment techniques with proven methods of anaerobic digestion (AD). A central tenet in the flexible, modular and robust design is to strive for the diversion and best reuse of all the process outputs, including any residuals.

CCI BioEnergy Facility Concept 

The process flow schematic for a fully configured BTA® Process based facility is depicted below. As each new plant is developed, the flexible architecture supports modifications to adapt to the feedstock, end market and site specific requirements. A combination of proprietary BTA equipment (ex. pulper, grit removal, process control) and third party equipment (ex. tanks, pumps,  biogas treatment) are utilized to deploy a project driven final design.


To learn more about each of the phases, click on the menu or click on the buttons found in the process flow schematic below.


            Process Flow Phases

                 Phase 1     Feedstock Management       Homes, Businesses, Industry – Source Separated or Mixed  
                 Phase 2     Hydromechanical Pre-treatment         Pulping & Contaminant Removal Maintains Product Quality
                 Phase 3    Anaerobic Digestion       Create Biogas For Local Bioenergy Production
                 Phase 4    Solids & Liquids Utilization       Solids For Local Uses / Markets & Reclaimed Liquids Loop
                 Phase 5      Operations Management       Automated Systems, Equipment & Process Control


BTA Process Diagram 1 2 3 4 5