Phase 5     Operations Management

Our approach to operating a CCI bioenergy facility is developed with the following considerations:


  • Our core philosophy of environmental stewardship
  • Our insight from significant corporate experience
  • The use of industry best practices
  • A thorough understanding of the technology capabilities
  • A heavy focus on maintenance and emissions
  • Required legislative / regulatory standards and local bylaws
  • Applying the tough lessons learned
  • Being a responsible community member

Step 11:    Emissions Control

The BTA® Process, through the conversion of the waste to a liquid pulp, contains the biological digestion process within fully enclosed tanks and piping.  Therefore, odours produced through biological activity are fully controlled. The challenging odors are those inherited when the waste was delivered. The foundation of the odour management strategy is to capture odours at any source points throughout the plant. The air is  collected and treated in a biofilter prior to release to atmosphere.


Open Air Biofilter
         Enclosed Biofilter & Stack

Step 12:    BTA® Process Control System

The entire facility, including processing equipment and subsystems such as the biofilter and the cogeneration engines, are controlled from one central location. The operator has the ability to power, monitor and control all equipment in the facility and all processing routines are automated using adjustable parameters.


Central Control Room
         Power, Monitor, Control