• 12/05/16 CCI BioEnergy Featured On Bloomberg Canada News

    Bloomberg Canada TV joins CCI CEO and founder Kevin Matthews to discuss turning organics into biogas to produce energy from the organic waste we generate in our communities. Read more...»»

  • 06/07/16 Ontario Passes New Resource Recovery Act

    Ontario passed legislation that will divert more waste from landfills, create jobs, and help fight climate change. To help this plan, the province has passed the Waste Free Ontario Act that will encourage innovation in recycling. Click here for further details. Read more...»»

  • 05/19/16 Ontario Passes Carbon Cap & Trade Legislation

    Ontario passed landmark climate change legislation to ensure that the province is accountable for responsibly and transparently investing proceeds from the cap and trade program into actions that reduce GHG's, creat jobs, and help people and businesses shift to a low-carbon economy. To learn mor... Read more...»»

  • 04/21/16 Toronto Zooshare Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony

    The Toronto Zooshare Biogas Cooperative held a formal ground breaking ceremony this week.  Click here for further details. Read more...»»

  • 03/01/16 Waste Free Ontario Act Comment Period Closes

    The period for comment on the new Waste Free Ontario Act legislation has closed. Click here for the posting. Read more...»»

  • 09/25/15 New Environmental Commissioner In Ontario

    Dr. Diane Saxe has been named the new Environmental Commissioner in Ontario. To learn more, click here.  Read more...»»

  • 06/15/15 New Quebec Project Announced

    On June 15, 2015 several SÉMECS representatives formally introduced the Project to the community and the broader general public in Quebec, Canada, and the USA. Click here to learn more.   Read more...»»

  • 04/20/15 Ontario Announces Cap & Trade System For Carbon

    Ontario has announced a cap and trade mechanism in the fight against climate change.  Click to read more Read more...»»

  • 03/03/15 Ontario Looking To Price Carbon

    Ontario wll put a price on carbon. The exact process and mechanisms are to be determined this spring prior to the 2015 Climate Summit of the Americas in Toronto from July 7 to 9, 2015. Click on the link below for a copy of the dscussion paper.   Read more...»»

  • 02/28/15 CCI's Toronto Project Is Featured in BioCycle

    The City of Toronto has developed a new AD facility for converting residential and commercial organics that are curbside collected in the Green Bin Program. Cick on the link below to read more. Read more...»»

  • 02/08/15 Value Of Biogas Program Being Held March 25-26/15.

    The Ontario Biogas Association is holding a Value Of Biogas event with a tour day on Wednesday March 25 that includes CCI's City of Toronto Disco Road project. Workshops are being held on Thursday March 26 in Hamilton. Click on the link below for further details and how to re... Read more...»»

  • 01/13/15 Minister Says Carbon Pricing Coming To Ontario

    The Ontario Government is planning to put a price on carbon emissions. Click on the link below for further details. Read more...»»

  • 11/20/14 Ontario & Quebec To Push National Energy Strategy

    The Provincial Premiers will meet in PEI beginning August 26 and Ontario and Quebec will push for a National strategy. Click on the link below for further details.  Read more...»»

  • 07/03/14 Natural Gas Vehicles Conference

    Natural Gas Vehicles Canada is holding it's anual conference and exhibition in Toronto on October 20-22, 2014 Read more...»»

  • 05/05/14 Biogas Association Organics Primer Released

    The Biogas Association has released the Organics Primer to build expertise and capacity for the organics diversion industry. Click the link below for a an overview and t obtain a copy of the report. Read more...»»

  • 03/31/14 US Biogas Market Study Released

    Th Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University has published a comprehensive study of the market potential for biogas in the United States.  Click on the link for a copy of the report.  Read more...»»

  • 02/12/14 Ontario Develops A New Long Term Energy Plan

    Ontario has again renewed the longterm energy plan for the Province. To learn more, click on the link provided below. Read more...»»

  • 01/06/14 Canadian Biogas Study Released

    A comprehensive look at the economic case and environmental benefits of biogas as a source of community based energy can be found at the link provided. Read more...»»

  • 10/03/13 Company Makes Biogas Derived Fuels Available

    California based Clean Energy has announced it will be offering fuels to clients that are created from waste. Read more...»»

  • 09/05/13 Development of a New Renewable Energy Procurement Process

    The “Development of a New Large Renewable Procurement Process – Initial Engagement Feedback and Interim Recommendations” report was submitted to the Minister of Energy on August 30, 2013. The report summarizes the results of the OPA’s engagement and other research activi... Read more...»»

  • 07/25/13 Ontario's New Energy Vision Puts Conservation First

    Ontario is moving toward a new, innovative approach to energy planning by developing a new policy that will ensure the province invests in conservation measures before building new generation, whenever it is cost-effective to do so. Read more...»»

  • 06/08/13 Ontario Proposes Legislation to Increase Recycling, Create Jobs

    Ontario is proposing legislation that, if passed, would require producers to take responsibility for recycling the products they sell. Read more...»»

  • 05/29/13 The Green Energy Act Celebrates Its 4th Birthday

    Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act turns four this month. And there’s a lot to celebrate. Read more...»»

  • 05/02/13 Hydrogen Is An Exciting Opportunity To Store Biogas

    New methods of hydrogen production are being deployed, which are helping increase the efficiency of biomass facilities, creating high value, clean energy from multiple sources of waste municipal, commercial and agricultural wastes.  Read more...»»

  • 03/13/13 STDC Congratulates The Government For 2013 Bduget Investment

    SDTC Congratulates the Government of Canada on 2013 Budget Investment   Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) congratulated the Government of Canada on the additional $325 million over eight years committed in Budget 2013 for investment in Canadian cleantech companies. &n... Read more...»»

  • 01/18/13 Fuels of the Future – TV Ontario Program

    Watch TVO host Steve Paikin moderate a panel discussion about the pros and cons of developing alternative fuels from many sources, including municipal solid waste organics. Read more...»»

  • 12/28/12 SDTC's Annual Call For Applications Under The NextGen Biofuels Fund

    Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is issuing its Annual Call for Applications under the NextGen Biofuels Fund™, created to support the production of next-generation renewable fuels and co-products.  To learn more visit the STDC website. Read more...»»

  • 12/11/12 OPA Small FIT Application Window Opens Dec 14, 2012

    The Ontario Power Authority will start accepting applications under the FIT Program from Small FIT proponents on December 14, 2012. See the OPA website for more information. Read more...»»

  • 11/12/12 Renewables To Rival Coal Generation in 2035

    Renewable energy is set to rival coal as the main generator of the world's electricity by 2035 as the costs of technology fall and subsidies rise, the International Energy Agency said. Read more...»»

  • 11/01/12 Americans Throw Away 40% Of Their Food

    According to a report published by the USA based National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), 40% of the food produced in the USA goes uneaten and most of it is thrown away.  Read more...»»

  • 10/29/12 How Ontario Can Fix The Green Energy Act

    The renewable energy journey in Ontario was never going to be easy. After a challenging start, there is opportunity to take what we have learned and make improvements. Read more...»»