On-Site Solution Platform  

An Innovative Opportunity   

To many, organic waste is seen as an environmental problem. At CCI we also see it as an economic loss. With close to 40% of our farm-to-fork supply chain being lost, there is an un-tapped opportunity to reclaim these assets for economic gain.
Create Your Own Energy On-site
Our goal is to deliver a solution for businesses and other organizations like schools and hospitals, to use a robust, micro-scale anaerobic digestion solution to produce energy on-site from their recovered organic materials. 

How Can I Capitalize ?

Food processors, grocery, food services, retail developments, farms, universities, hospitals - the list is long - that generate or have access to pre-consumer, post consumer, or agricultural organics, including in combination, can benefit. The annual capacity ranges from 500 to 2,000 metric tonnes. The business case includes revenue from energy sales, the elimination of current practice costs, and internal energy consumption off-sets. Transportation fuels, or an electricity and heat combination can be produced.

Climate Change Value

The added value is reducing your carbon footprint. Methane GHG’s produced by decaying organics is now understood to be 84 times greater impact than carbon in the first 20 years. Further reductions are achieved through the displacement of fossil fuels. This value is accrued from a shift in thinking and understanding that your organics are resources that can be transformed on-site into energy.
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