Create Your Own Energy

Fuel Switching Option 

The trend towards alternative fuel switching to wean us from fossil fuel use delivers a unique option to use the biogas as an alternative to fossil fuel energy. The GHG emission reductions can generate potential revenue from programs such as voluntary carbon credits and renewable fuel standards.
Compressed Renewable Natural Gas (CRNG)
The biogas can be purified to create a “compressed renewable natural gas” (“CRNG”) that can be used to fuel vehicles. A small scale biogas cleaning system can be integrated with a cylinder storage array to provide fuel for an internal fleet or for external sale. Depending on the feedstock profile and daily volume, enough fuel can be produced to drive a sprint van between 450,000 - 1,450,000 kilometres annually.
Off-set Internal Energy Consumption
The first portion of biogas is used to fuel a combined heat & power (CHP) engine to satisfy any system heating needs such as the digestion process. If the remaining biogas is used in a CHP there will be a net gain of electricity to off-set internal consumption. 

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Option 

The CHP option offers the capability to make efficient and effective use of a valuable energy source. The biogas is combusted to turn a generator that creates electricity and the engine heat is captured. Both forms can be used internally, and the electircity can be exported to the grid where feed-in-tariff programs exist.
Energy Self-Sufficient
The QUBE system requires electrical and thermal energy to support its operation. Approximately 10% of the biogas will be utilzed for system self-sufficiency. The excess heat can also be used to create hot water for internal needs.