Innovative Designs

Flexible Configuration Options 

The QUBE technology was originally designed by Qube Renewables Ltd. in response to a brief from the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to explore ways that waste, including human sewage, could be utilized to provide energy in the MOD forward operating bases. The technology has since been enhanced and commercialized for a variety of applications that transform organics into beneficial use products.
The QUBE solution has an open architecture that allows for an array of ancillary equipment options for feeding and end uses to be configured. Our philosophy is to make micro-scale AD quick to install, modular, and smart, to allow businesses and small communities to achieve their sustainability objectives. 
   Robust Configurations           Flexible configuration options to match to the feedstock profile and volume
   Broad Feedstocks                      Proven effective digesting pre-consumer, post-consumer, and agricultural profiles  
   Quick Deployment                   Flexible, modular, plug & play architecture for rapid installation and mobility
   Utility Self-Sufficient               Sustainable energy and liquids reuse systems design to fulfill the internal needs
   Optimized Performance          Highly automated monitoring & control system including remote access

A Re-Purposed Shipping Container 

The bioQUBE is built in a re-purposed shipping container to provide a compact solution to process smaller volumes of organics. Multiple modules are configured to provide a capacity range of 500 to 950 metric tonnes annually (1.5 to 2.5 tonnes daily).
Innovative Designs
The digester contents are continuously mixed using compressed biogas that is delivered through a patented gas “bell” system installed on the digester floor. The digestate is discharged to a liquids loop to balance demand and minimize fresh water use. 

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A Flexible Fabric With An Exo-Skeleton

The quickQUBE digester option is a rapidly deployed version of the bioQUBE and is designed within a strong, multi-layered, and flexible PVC container with an exo-skeleton. It can be fed any organics stream, including human sewage, and is designed in sizes from 5m3 to 300m3 (to 2,000 tonnes annually). The quickQUBE is a fit in industrial, agricultural and humanitarian applications, and in combination with the bioQUBE(s) when it fits.

Optimized Performance

The digester is a continuously stirred, mesophilic process (35 to 38°C) with a 20-35 day retention time, depending on the feedstock profile. The digestion process is heated to maintain the required temperature by passing hot water through an internal heat exchanger. 
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A Floating Fabric With A Frame

The lagoonQUBE is a flexible fabric structure designed to float on a lagoon or tank, The lightweight modules are assembled on land and then easily pulled onto the surface where they are floated into place and tethered. A suspended heating and mixing system can enhance the natural biogas production processes.  
Adaptable To Level Changes
The lightweight structures move with the natural level changes and are removable to allow for normal maintenance and the local climatic conditions.  

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