What Is It ?

Who Can Use It ?  

The QUBE solution family can be deployed on-site to convert a broad range of organic assets into energy. From farmers, to food processors, and right through the food supply chain. High density populations such as universities / colleges, retail malls, and office complexes have the opportunity to develop diversion programs that support sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals.
The QUBE systems allow you to convert your pre-consumer and post consumer food scraps. The degree of sorting required at the generation point will be a function of it being a pre or post- consumer source. The key is to keep the organics segregated and free of contamination such as plastics, metals, and glass. 

Pre-Consumer Sources   

These sources are are found mid-stream in the food supply chain. They include highly liquid organics, in daily volumes of up to 2.5 metric tonnes. Generators where there is a potential fit include:

·  Grocery Stores

·  Food Processors

·  Beverages / Breweries

·  Cheese Makers

·  Food Wholesale / Distribution

·  Prepared Food / Catering


Post Consumer Sources   

These sources, where soiled paper is considered organic, are at greater risk of contamination and require a higher level of diligence to separate out the acceptable elements. Generators where there is a potential fit include:

·  Restaurants

·  Quick Service Clusters

·  Retail Developments

·  University / Colleges

·  Health – Hospitals / Nursing

·  Hotels / Hospitality


Agricultural Sources 

These sources include clean animal and poultry manures. The small scale offers opportunities to small farms that can supplement the feedstock with off-farm materials. Generators where there is a potential fit include: 

·  Small Dairy Farms

·  Horse Farms

·  Greenhouses

·  Poultry Farms

·  Off Farm Material

·  Specialty Energy Crops



Feeding & Monotoring The System  
The clean food scrap feedstocks are loaded into a macerator with a hopper to mix a homogenous suspension for digestion. Integrated load cells weigh the load before it is reduced to a 12mm (3/8 inch) size. The system will accommodate a variety of organic profiles to provide user flexibility.
All equipment, subsystems, and processing routines are centrally controlled. Collected data can be linked to a smartphone app to allow for remote control and monitoring. A robust data capture and reporting system supports the daily operations and regularly scheduled maintenance routines.


How Does It Work ?

Every QUBE solution is built on a core design which is then adapted to the feedstock, end use, and site specific needs. All required components are quick connect and the system can be insulated and sheltered to satisfy cold weather conditions. The diagram below depicts the solution and choices that link and build on the QUBE solution platform. 
Process Flow Schematic