Partner Fueled

Our Philosophy

We believe partnering is the foundation for a project delivery team. We are realistic with our project strategy and understand that there are significant amounts of existing knowledge, skills, infrastructure and practical experience within the local area of a project that can be very effectively deployed in the development of a bioenergy solution.

Creating New Partnerships

We are always interested in forming new relationships to develop and deliver new bioenergy projects that support community based renewable energy production, business sustainability objectives and waste diversion from landfill initiatives. The synergy is with competent companies that offer skills, knowledge and experience to support project development and delivery activities that include:


  • Feedstock Supply Services
  • End Market Distribution Services
  • Engineering & Design Services
  • Construction Services
  • Collection & Logistics Services
  • Operations Services


Whether you are a municipality, a waste services provider (collection, organics processing, recycling, landfill operations, etc.), or a large volume organics generator (food production, food services, retail/wholesale food sales, etc.), the problems you must solve with solid waste management are common. The decision drivers that create AD opportunities and lead to considering an opportunity to partner with us include:


  • Renewable energy is a key component of your energy management plan
  • Local landfill capacity is disappearing and costs are increasing
  • Customers want more environmentally sustainable MSW solutions
  • Constituents are demanding new thinking about MSW management
  • Current or planned legislation will require a change from current practices
  • There are fewer local alternatives for organics management
  • There is an impacting local plan for climate change mitigation
  • Your strategic plan includes environmental responsibility

Our Opportunity

Two recent studies focus on the amount of food waste in the North American food supply chain, the impacts, the risks and the opportunities that we all have to do better. Being more responsible in our thinking about the waste we all  generate is a great place to start.