The Opportunity

You are already collecting and processing organics in your trading area. And its likely that there is an opportunity in your market to grow your business by capitalizing on the opportunities for broader sources and materials profiles. Unfortunately, these materials are too contaminated or too difficult to turn into a high quality, marketable compost product.  

Working Together

At CCI we understand that integrating a tried and proven composter into the end-market delivery requirement is critical to long-term, stable operations. Together we have the potential to achieve success on our common mission and vision and achieve success by:


1.     Create higher value uses from current supply

2.     Utilizing your local experience, expertise and processing to produce and market a compost product

3.     Offering expertise and experience in the production of compost from digestate

4.     Growing your business by securing new, large volume clients 

5.     Gaining an edge on your competition