Consulting / Engineering Firms

The Opportunity

Your clients are seriously considering or evaluating alternative approaches to solve their waste management infrastructure and local energy challenges. The study, planning, design, engineering and delivery activities required to develop and implement a waste diversion solution for conversion into renewable energy can be complex. Whether you are a multi-national or a regional provider, the value your firm can offer to the delivery team to achieve success is critical.    

Working Together

At CCI we collaborate with full-services firms to deliver competencies and results in the designing and building of a CCI centric bioenergy solution. Together we can drive to your mission and vision and achieve success by:


1.     Creating project related work for your staff

2.     Combining the requisite skills and resources to deliver to the project requirements

3.     Expanding the market offerings from your firm

4.     Securing or maintaining relationships built over many years 

5.     Mitigating the project risks associated with alternative technology deployments