Food Waste Generators

The Opportunity

The food services supply chain produces a tremendous amount of waste in the process to fuel ourselves with energy. A recent study in Canada pegs the number at 40%. In the USA the amount is the same, according to a recent study. From farm to table, the opportunities to capture and divert these valuable resources is significant. If your business operates in the food supply chain you could be capturing and diverting your waste to a higher value use to benefit your business and the communities in which you operate. 

Working Together

At CCI we see the tremendous potential that exists to extract the energy and nutrient value from food waste generated in our homes and across the food supply chain. Together we can support our common mission and vision and achieve success by:


1.     Achieving the goals in your sustainability initiatives

2.     Providing a safe, secure environment for your waste to be appropriately managed

3.     Building value from your wasted assets

4.     Enhancing the customer experience and loyalty by promoting your diversion solution 

5.     Being a responsible member of the community