The Opportunity

Municipal governments and their citizens are typically tasked with managing the solid waste we all generate every day. The dynamics of shrinking landfill capacity and legislative requirements and an active constituency are driving change in how we think of waste being collected at our curbs. For municipalities, waste is a resource asset that has been traditionally managed as a useless asset.

Working Together

At CCI we are invested in delivering municipal solutions that solve your MSW management challenge by converting the organic fraction of your waste into community based renewable energy. The business case to derive value from our organic assets strengthens with each passing day. Together we can drive to your mission and vision and achieve success by:


1.     Maximizing the diversion of MSW from landfill

2.     Creating community based renewable energy for local consumption

3.     Being a resource to develop the business case

4.     Mitigating the risks associated with organics management practices

5.     Participating in the public procurement process