Project Developers

The Opportunity

Developing renewable energy projects that aim to divert organic waste and convert it into biogas are very complex projects that require significant amounts of resources and time to create a platform for success. The development cycle can be wrought with surprises that negatively impact your project timeline, financial models and the operating viability. The real, practical learning begins with the start-up and lessons learned from continuous operations. 

Working Together

At CCI we look to be part of a development team that is seeking to collaborate with partners that deliver competencies under our 4 primary development pillars - feedstock supply, end markets, design/build/operate and financing. We have extensive experience and lessons to share in all of these pillars. Together we have the potential to deliver on our common mission and vision and achieve success by:


1.     Delivering decades experienced resources to design, build and operate

2.     Identifying and supplying the right equipment and services to meet the processing and end-market needs

3.     Giving access to the tough lessons we have learned 

4.     Mitigating risk associated with the project development cycle 

5.     Maximizing revenue opportunities and minimizing operating costs