Waste Service Providers

The Opportunity

The days of your customers simply wanting you to provide a collection and disposal service are numbered. Legislative change, competition, community sustainability initiatives, the “green movement” and new recycling/diversion technologies all combine with changing customer demands and expectations to increase the pressures on your business strategy and plans. 

Working Together

At CCI we engage in opportunities with waste service providers that have an interest to deploy solutions that satisfy the needs and wants of their clients. Together we have the potential to deliver success in our common mission and vision and achieve success by:


1.     Delivering technology solutions that process diverted commercial and residential waste

2.     Securing new business and keeping the competition out where organics diversion is committed

3.     Expansion of your customer base through the delivery of innovative, cost beneficial solutions

4.     Producing fuels for internal consumption 

5.     Mitigating your risk in projects that you want to lead